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Find the right services that you need to enhance your workforce.

Talent Optimization

As a business leader, it’s your job to make sure your company puts your talent into the optimal position to produce your desired business results and beat the competition. The essence of leadership is aligning employees with business strategy—and that begins with taking an intentional and data-driven approach to getting the people part right. 


Too often, when executives hear the term “people strategy,” they shrug off the responsibility and send it down the hall to human resources. But when it comes to designing and optimizing your most important business asset—your people—passing the buck is also passing up your biggest opportunity to create a truly great organization. 


So how do you assemble world-class teams? That’s where having an objective methodology and system for optimizing talent comes in. Talent optimization utilizes quantitative data and analytics so you can comprehend job requirements, identify the best candidates, understand the team dynamics needed to accomplish business goals, and manage employees in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. 


Bottom line: You need to roll up your sleeves and get really good at understanding and capitalizing on your people data. It’s the best path to maximizing productivity—and crushing the competition.

Talent Optimization

Executive & Development Coaching

Our staff of senior level, certified, business coaches have a minimum of 10 years of business experience along with years of successful Executive Coaching assignments. We utilize a process that will insure successful attainment of goals and expectations.  


Our programs include:


  • Executive Coaching and Development

  • "C" Level Succession Planning and Transition

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Executive Team Building

  • Management and Supervisory Coaching


Outplacement Programs

HCMi, LLC has been delivering high quality, comprehensive Outplacement programs for over 13 years.  Our Senior level Consultants have a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry delivering individual and group Outplacement programs.

We deliver Senior level programs as well as individual programs for non-exempt and hourly employees. 


Although HCMi, LLC designs and delivers Outplacement programs specific to our clients' needs and requirements, our pricing is highly competitive.  All programs can be delivered locally, nationally or internationally.

Clients may also choose to have HCMi, LLC deliver specific Outplacement components such as Resume Development and Interview Skills Training or any combination therein.  


Types Of Programs Offered:

  • Individual Time Specific Outplacement Programs

  • Individual Time Unlimited Outplacement Programs

  • Large and Small Group Sessions

  • Modular Component Programs

  • On-site Notification Assistance

  • Change Management Assistance

  • Face-to-Face and Remote Programs

Programs Cover: (But Not Limited To)

  • Professional Resume Development

  • Interview Skills Training

  • Networking Skills Training

  • Job Search Strategic Planning

  • Individual Marketing Plan

  • LinkedIn Profile Development

Outplacement Programs

Competency Modeling

Utilizing a validated, globally recognized library of 41 competencies and their associated behavioral traits, we are able to develop job families and their corresponding competency models that are customized to your organizational requirements and aligning values.

Competency Modeling
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