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HCMi, LLC's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Thank you in your interest in HCMI. LLC’s DE&I program.  As every Organization is different, so each DE&I program is Organization specific.  HCMi, LLC customizes the DE&I program around your specific Organization’s needs, requirements and budget.  As a whole, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs seek to create meaningful, systemic change toward more equitable environments.  The real issue is how you get there and what methodology you deploy.  No matter the size of your organization ... small, mid-size or enterprise, this is where HCMi, LLC and our certified Consultants can assist. 


The process to determine how we can assist you is simple: 


First; we conduct a Needs Analysis with you so that we can determine exactly how we can help you build a program that fits your Organizational needs.


Secondly; we deliver a formal proposal/statement of services for your review with each and every program component outlined as it is developed and delivered.  We discuss delivery requirements and outcomes that can be expected for your specific program.


Thirdly, we will include pricing that meets your budget as discussed in the Needs Analysis.  HCMi, LLC will never have any hidden fees.  All costs are discussed up-front and agreed upon by all parties.



To begin your Needs Analysis or discuss the program simply contact us at: or call: 678-200-0751 … We look forward to speaking with you!   

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