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March 20, 2023 - Atlanta, Georgia


Let’s Talk Predictive Analytics

Warren Ezra and Renee’ Maxwell


With all the complexities in today’s business world making the right, highly informed, decisions around human capital is becoming increasingly more critical.  Informed decisions around talent acquisition, team/department alignment and overall employee alignment with corporate goals and objectives can mean the difference between success and not reaching the goals you need to attain.  Technology and software, with the use of predictive analytics, can help make those decisions more informed, educated and precise. 

SHRM recently released an article by Kate Rockwood around this very subject.  The article “Predictive Analytics Can Help Companies Manage Talent” is a must read for any anyone interested in learning more about what the HR industry is saying about predictive analytics and it’s impact on organizations … large and small.  As companies continue to move through the “Great Resignation” they are hungry to find the right people for the right roles.  Defining what you are looking for, as well as the behaviors, are the drives for success are critical.  Putting together the right teams are critical for organizational success.  Talent acquisition, employee development and succession planning are an evolving science.  Predictive analytics makes these functions and decisions data driven.  Just as companies make business and strategy decisions around data so should they use people data the same way.  This is fundamentally what companies are seeking to do around employee engagement data, which is traditionally complied from surveys and exit interviews.  The return on the investment far outweighs the cost of the investment.  Reductions in turnover and increased productivity are the gains. Innovative HR and OD practitioners in their respective companies must continue to use data driven tools to support organizations.

Predictive analytics can assist in hiring the right individuals for the right positions; create high performance teams (that actually perform up to expectations); align employees with departmental and organizational goals and objectives and create a more productive organization.  There are many HCM (Human Capital Management) analytic software platforms in the market today.  Literally hundreds, if not thousands of them!  HCMi, LLC has been assisting clients in understanding predictive analytics for a number of years … but more recently as it relates to Talent Optimization.   How do you use data to optimize your workforce and create truly highly productive employees and teams?  Afterall, that is what this is all about.  Let HCMi, LLC assist you in moving your organization to the next level with Predictive Analytics and Talent Optimization programs.

For more information regarding HCMi, LLC and our coaching programs contact:


Warren Ezra, Managing Principal

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