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April 29, 2022 - Atlanta, Georgia


HCMi, LLC is pleased to announce its appointment as a licensed reseller of Predictive Index Assessment Programs.  Under the agreement HCMi, LLC has access to Predictive Index's full range of products and services. This arrangement allows HCMi, LLC to augment its portfolio of globally validated assessments to deliver solutions for organizations of all sizes .... from small to mid-size to enterprise size clients, HCMi has the solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.  And, the certified consultants to deliver them.  More on Predictive Index (PI) to come!

For more information or a demonstration contact HCMi, LLC at: 678-200-0751 or Email:

Does Leadership Coaching really have a measurable Return On Investment? 


Back in 2001, when I was a Sr Vice President Manchester, Inc., one of the largest Human Capital Management consulting firms at the time, we ran a very robust survey around the ROI of Leadership Coaching.  In fact, the survey is believed to be the first ever to quantify the ROI of Leadership Coaching. It was so well received that it was utilized by any number of Manchester’s competitors once it was published… it was that significant.  And you can still find it out on the web today!  The fact is that the survey and its results are still as valid today as they were in 2001; some 21 years later. 


Manchester arrived at a positive ROI of 5.70 of investment for Leadership Coaching programs.   The study involved 100 “C” level executives from a variety of companies and industries across the United States. It is worth noting that Manchester applied a mathematical formula to account for the person’s attribution of the program’s effect (i.e., what percentage of the financial improvement would you attribute to the coaching program). They also factored in the person’s confidence level (i.e., how confident are you in the estimate?).  A majority of the executives who participated in the study felt that the ROI might have even been somewhat shy of the actual real-world returns.


The bottom line?  Executive and Leadership Coaching works!


One of the principles of HCMi, LLC’s coaching model is that positive change occurs more rapidly when facilitated by a coach and a well-tested process.  HCMi, LLC’s staff of coaching professionals have had at least 15 years of corporate experience coupled with extensive leadership coaching program delivery.  All of our Leadership/Executive Coaches are certified and carry with them a portfolio of highly successful engagements.


For more information regarding HCMi, LLC and our coaching programs contact:


Warren Ezra, Managing Principal

Phone: 678-200-0751



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