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Real world projects and programs delivered to clients.

Project 1
Expert Data Engineering to Reduce Turnover

A manufacturing client had recently asked HCMi, LLC to run several days of Focus Groups within their manufacturing facility in the Southeast.  The concern was that of employee turnover and the lack of data to understand why employees were leaving the company.  Our solution was to backward engineer the data ... if you don't know why people are leaving, find out why people are staying! 


HCMi, LLC ran two straight days of employee Focus Groups with nearly 250 employees.  The sessions were highly successful with employees being very open in answering the questions our two Consultants were asking.  The fact is that we learned both why employees were leaving and why employees were staying.  The sessions, which included company leadership were highly enlightening.  

A comprehensive report was delivered to the client that included a number of suggestions regarding changes that could be made quickly to address some of the employees' issues and concerns, and others that were more long term oriented.  The Focus Groups were highly successful, and changes began to be made immediately after our departure.   

It's pretty simple, when you ask the right questions and develop trust you will get the answers and information you are looking for.  

Working closely with organizations of all sizes, HCMi,LLC is able to develop the Talent Optimization solutions that will created high performing employees and organizations.  

New Talent Optimization Initiative

Project 2

Icon representing emotional intelligence

A long term client wanted to enhance and elevate their talent acquisition/optimization initiative beyond where they had been for the past 7 years.  They had been utilizing a job competency based assessment for hiring but building team reports and comparing individuals from different competency models was cumbersome and didn’t deliver the data the organization was looking for.  The issue being that teams are not generally made up of individuals all within the same competency model.  Managers will be measured against a different model than Supervisors for example and so on.  This specific assessment could not compare individuals from different competency models.  Therefore you couldn’t get a clear picture of where the team was in terms of alignment not only to each other, but to departmental goals and objectives, and those of the organization.  And even more frustrating for the client was the fact that they couldn’t easily compare Managers to Supervisors to Team Leads without having to go through a 3 step process.     


HCMi, LLC suggested that the client look at Predictive Index to revamp and recraft their entire talent acquisition and talent optimization program.  PI (Predictive Index) has the ability to compare different job descriptions and individuals based on an easily accessible 5 minute assessment.  The client would be able to see where each individual was in terms of alignment to the departmental goals and objectives (as well as organizational goals and objectives).  This now gives the client a much larger, and completely accurate, picture of the organization in terms of their talent optimization needs and requirements.  The client can also see how each individual measures against 4 key factors: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality.  This helps build a complete picture of how the individual will work with others in their department and the organization.   Beyond that, Predictive Index delivers an entire scope of analytical data that will assist the organization determine who and what type of training, mentoring and coaching is needed to align or realign teams and individuals to organizational goals and objectives.  The bottom line: employees who are more productive and aligned with their departments and organizational requirements.


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