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HCMi, LLC offers high-quality, high-success search services for Executive level positions and Mid-management positions.

Our Approach



We will prepare a specification profile for this position for your approval to ensure that we share the same understanding of the key aspects of these positions.


We will document the basic responsibilities, title, reporting relationships, education and experience that will be required to meet your performance criteria. This profile will serve as the basis for determining who we contact during the course of the search and as an introductory piece for interested candidates.

Applicants in the waiting room



Using the agreed upon position profile, we will tailor a research recruitment program for this search. We will insure that our resources will develop and execute multi-channel sourcing & recruitment strategies. The objective of this strategy is to source and attract the desired high quality candidate pool. The candidate sourcing channels could include any of the following:

  • Direct Recruitment-We will identify target companies in conjunction with your direction. We will then identify those individuals within these targeted companies that have the desired skill sets and then proactively contact them to present your opportunities.

  • Internet Mining-We will utilize our web mining technology process to identify and source potential candidates. This technology will support the direct recruitment activities outlined above as well as independently generate lists and candidates that will proceed directly to the screening and evaluation phase of the process.

  • Database-We will also identify talent that can be appropriately presented from those qualified individuals that we have previously contacted for similar search assignments.



We will review with you summary profiles of potential candidates to mutually determine those who are most appropriate for further consideration. From that group, we will conduct preliminary telephone/Zoom meetings (if available) interviews with selected candidates.

Credentials of the most qualified candidates appearing to conform to the position specification will then be presented to you. Our written reports generally include a resume/profile, and a brief professional qualifications summary of each candidate outlining the salient points regarding the reasons behind recommending said candidates.

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